UGM CaRED Programme

Community Resilience and Economic Development (CaRED) programme has been developed under the auspices of the Partnership Arrangement (PA) between New  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) to contribute to sustainable development in Indonesia, including its human resources and capacity.

The CaRED Programme supports research and projects implemented by UGM institutions in collaboration with NZ and Indonesia organisations, universities, local governments, and private sectors/ industries. It’s inspired by long history of collaboration and partnership between NZ and UGM to address Indonesia’s development challenges.

CaRED Programme finances community development research-based activities, training, workshops and technical assistance that will lead to increased private sector performance and business development, improved renewable energy, human resources capability and increased local government and community capacity to manage natural disasters and conflict events.

What we aim?

To contribute, to sustainable development in Indonesia, including its human resources and capacity to address significant development challenges, through deeper engagement and cooperation between New Zealand (NZ) and UGM

Time Frame

CaRED Programme is planned to operate for five years with the total funding would be approximately NZ$ 3.75 million. The first term started in March 2014. Now, we call for proposal for the third term (October 2015).


To support activites implemented by UGM institutions in collaboration with NZ and/or Indonesia organizations, univerities, local governments, and private sectors/industries.

General Eligibility

  • Open for UGM members
  • All project proposed must be aligned with CaRED Result Framework (RF);
  • The duration of the project implementation for Term 3 Call for Proposals must be a maximum of 24 months;
  • The project must be implememted in the Eastern Indonesia
  • Proposal submitted to CaRED secretariat must involves partnership with NZ and local institutions


Theme and Type of Activities

CaRED supports activities within sectors of Sustainable Economic and Livelihood Opportunites (SELO); Renewable Energy (RE); Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Human Crisis and Conflict Prevention (HCCP). Activity components are research and/or community development projects training and workshops and technical assistance.

Geographical Focus


The scope of of the Programme will be prioritized for the development in Eastern part of Indonesia that considers as disadvantaged areas, such as Papua, Nusa Tenggara, and Sulawesi, Project areas mentioned in the above theme are interrelated.